A comprehensive view onto Rocket IPs – interview with CEO, L. Chempinski

November 07, 2013
Rocket IPs

1. What is Rocket IPs? How can you briefly describe this service?

Rocket IPs is a rare in the world service that enables using shared IP addresses on your own servers. IP addresses are mostly used by our clients for SEO purposes. It’s all about having your websites on different IP addresses, different geolocations, autonomous systems and Data Centers. But as you may know already, IP addresses version 4 (i.e. were to end soon, because no one suspected that the poll will be used. We’ve come up with this idea, when it was unevitable. We’ve managed to gather IP addresses on our servers and developed technology of sharing those IPs across our machines. These addresses are class “C” which by MOZ, well-known SEO-related company ( is one of the most valuable factors for getting higher in Google and other search engines.

2. Who is Rocket IPs designed for? Who can gain on using Rocket IPs

This service is intended for hosting companies, SEO agencies or individual positioners mostly. Thanks to Rocket IPs hosting companies can get new clients – especially SEO agencies and positioners. Besides that they can use Rocket IPs for SEO purposes on their own, giving them a fair advantage.

3. Are there any services, for which Rocket IPs is a competition? Which one of these can be replaced or supplemented by Rocket IPs?

Rocket IPs itself is for now unrivaled. Although our service can compete with other SEO hostings. Any client, instead of buying SEO hosting somewhere, already having virtual server, VPS, cloud or dedicated server can invest into Rocket IPs and hold all domains, files and databases on their own.

Most common advantages are noticeable for a person managing servers. Additionally, it gives full control over domains. It happens for a hosting provider to host a weak technical support, client service or the service itself that clients are running away. It’s only matter of time when this business is desperately looking for IP addresses instead of getting back on track.

4. What are biggest advantages of Rocket IPs?

Main advantage of our service is the ability to link IP addresses to practically any kind of server service. There’s no boundaries whatsoever. You can keep your websites anywhere you want. We have IP addresses range from 15 countries all across the world, so if a client buys server service in a particular company, he can have dedicated IP for the country he’s in. Here’s an example:

A client can buy server from UK company and receives one static IP. Thanks to our service he can have over 750 IPs from 15 countries. Clients generally need various IPs for so called “content networks” that is a bunch of websites with unique content and linking to a target, main website. Precise description of how to build such content network will be covered in the future post.

5. So there’s a possibility to integrate Rocket IPs with any service even for dozen dollars a year?

Yes, there is a possibility for Rocket IPs to work on a regular virtual server that costs just a few dollars a year. You only have to know the IP of the server machine for which domains are created. It’s not a secret that more advanced users can do it on their own, and less advanced can ask their provider. This info should be public and can be read on FAQ with at least a brief description on how to route IPs onto provider’s server.

6. Is technical knowledge or experience required for buying and using Rocket IPs?

Absolutely not. You don’t have to be technically savvy in order to use our service. We’re focused on simplicity so that for the domain to work on one of our IPs you only have to fill out one simple form (type domain, choose IP address and type source IP of the target server). After brief confirmation our system is ready to serve the domain. Client only has to change IP address for this domain at his registrar (IN A records for DNS) and wait up to 24 hours for the information to be propagated across the whole network.

We’ve created 2 plugins for hosting companies that handle 2 most popular hosting panels: cPanel and DirectAdmin. After plugin installation and activation, a server admin can assign the number of IP addresses that an offered package should have, and their client can add domains without the hassle of server admin or technical support. He can add domains one by one or massively himself, and adds IP addresses. All the information is sent to our service using API.

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