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Rocket IPs Tour

It’s all about simplicity.

Step 1 – Just one click…

This service has been prepared for you to use it without any technical knowledge. We’ve put an enormous emphasis on simplicity, so the client does not have to waste time on the implementation of a complicated panel, used technology or getting familiar with server administration domains. In order to move a domain to one of our IPs, you just have to add it to the panel and fill in a simple form.


Rocket IPs - Add domain

In the form, type in the domain name and you choose the IP address, or our system can draw it up for you. You can also add some domain descriptions.

The second example covers how to add domains in mass. Often, our clients have hundreds of domains, so adding them separately can be really frustrating and time-consuming.

Rocket IPs Multiple Add

The last available option is to preview the domains maintained by Rocket IPs, where we can check which IP address holds which domain and edit or delete it from configuration. After adding domains, they’re automatically maintained by our systems.


Rocket IPs Domains List

Step 2

After adding domains to Rocket IPs panel, you should change the IP address at domain reseller or service provider’s panel. Each of these providers have different settings, so:

  • Modify IN A entry for domain to IP address assigned in Rocket IPs panel.
  • Depending on your domain management provider,such change/updateof DNS can last up to 24 hours.

That’s all!