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What SEO Hosting is?

October 30, 2013
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In order to answer the main question we need to know the basics regarding positioning websites in organic search results in search engines. Google rank is controlled by good quality links leading to a website, so the more good quality links lead to it, the higher the position in search engine. Searching good quality places on the net, where you can add link with good keywords for positionning is very difficult..

Long time ago positioners (people who position websites professionally) decided to create website on their own that will stand out by:

  • unique content,
  • interesting articles,
  • useful advices,
  • practical tutorials and manuals.

To avoid making websites depending on one hosting provider, they started buying virtual servers at different providers, but then the problem occured:

  • you had to remember many logins and passwords,
  • providers had different solutions for server administration so each time you had to learn service and maintenance issues,
  • there was no centrilzed place of management letting you work convenient and fast,
  • high cost of maintaining many servers,
  • issue regarding watching each service respectively.

It was not good enough!

 All these problems have been solven by a new service present on the market which is SEO Hosting.

SEO Hosting is a one central panel for managing domains that can be characterized by kbig number of IP addresses, best if from different classes. IP address divides into 4 classes.

For example:


The first set of numbers is the ‘A’ class.

The second set is the ‘B’ class.

The third set of numbers the ‘C’ class.

And finally the fourth set is the ‘D’ class.

Big amount of IP addresses and common management centre are basic pros of this service.

SEO Hosting still works?

You can also find some info on the Net claiming that SEO hosting is just marketing, not having any influence on Google rank. We have to disagree with this statement. We’ve got a few arguments for this supported by one of the biggest SEO-related companies in the world –

They’ve published an article “2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors”.

They’ve prepared some keywords for the analysis that were chosen out of different topic categories – 800 phrases out of 22 main categories available at Google AdWords tools, what gives us, after exlcuding duplicates, sum of 14641 phrases for analysis. For each one of them they requested search engine to return first 50 results, skipping all photos, news etc. Focusing only on standard results, they’ve also deleted low result phrases (under 25). Finally they’ve made a very detailed analysis of individual factors that can affect their positions. You can see the full methodology of the research on MOZ. conclusions were made based on comparing common factors for websites being on top positions and those being further in search results.

Out of those correlation research results between positions and rank factors you can assume, that top 3 factors specific for high positions are:

1. Website authority.

2. Number of +1’s.

3. Number of unique class C linking to a subsite.

In the next article we’ll try to describe, how SEO Hosting is used by its clients that SEO agencies and positoners undoubtedly are.

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